Getting StarteD (Video Analytics)

This section is to help you get a hands-on experience with Video Analytics Implementation.

Before you are diving into the implementation process, it is important for you to first complete the Video Implementation Questionaire form.


BASIC - walkthrough / step by step

1. Understand Video Analytics

a. To view live examples, please take a look at one of the following:

EXAMPLES: JW Player with Flash

EXAMPLES: JW Player with JavaScript (Native)

EXAMPLES: Brightcove 3

b. To view a quick VA demonstration of the User Interface for the Data Report:

VIDEO - Nielsen Video Analytics Demo, Understand the User Interface of the Data Report

If you would like to find more specific examples, please CONTACT your Nielsen Technical Representatives for further assistant.


2. Necessary Readings

a. Once you determine the type of player solution you are using, you should read one of the following API doc:

DOWNLOAD JavaScript API Implementation Guide API

DOWNLOAD Flash Player / Action Script 3 Implementation Guide API

DOWNLOAD Flash Player / Action Script 2 Implementation Guide API


3. Basic Implementation Guide / Tutorial

a. The following are simple tutorials that gives you step by step instructions on how to implement the VA Beacon:

JW PLAYER - DOWNLOAD JW Player Integration Tutorial

BRIGHTCOVE PLAYER ( view links below)-

VIDEO - VA Implementation Tutorial with Brightcove 3

DOWNLOAD Brightcove 3 Integration Guide

EXAMPLES: Brightcove 3

For other types of player implementation examples, please go to the "DOWNLOAD"or "EXAMPLES" section.


4. Learn How To Test / QA

a. After you have completed your tutorial, it is important for you to learn how to test your player properly.

DOWNLOAD Combined Beacon QA Process / Checklist


5. VA Must-Have Quick Sheet

a. This is a very handy doc, which includes basic day to day lookup info such as Tracked Events, Parameter Values & Meta Data info.

DOWNLOAD VA Must-Have Quick Sheet