The following are helpful links that you might interested looking at:

VA Decryptor Tool -

--(A required tool used to decrypt the dav 0 & dav2 files for the VA beacon logs)


HttpFox -

--(An HTTP analyzer addon for Firefox, use to detect dav0 & dav2 files generated by VA)


User Agent -

--(Use to test your beacon with your PC browser behaving like a mobile device).

For instructions to add more user agent, you may refer to here.


Firebug -

--(A debugger use to analyze HTML, Javascript, and other performance issues)


JavaScript Debugger-

--(Venkman, a powerful JavaScript debugging environment for Mozilla based browsers)


Charles Web Debugging Proxy ToolDebugger-

--(Enables to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic, which includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers

(which contain the cookies and caching information.)


URL Encoder-

--(A simple tool that helps you to encode your text for VA & VC beacon)